About us


We are Rosa and Ben Kremer from the city of Groningen

During our vacation the following came our way …

Through Goods For Gambia we came into contact with a school that urgently needed and still needs help.

They told us:
The school has 70 children aged between 3 and 9 years.
The children do not pay school fees because the parents can not afford it.
The teacher lives on vegetables that the parents grow in the farming village and make available to the teacher.

They have 1 classroom and half of the class is outside under the Mango tree.

The roof is supported by a pole of which the bottom half meter is missing, so there is no support for the collapsing roof.

Because we went to Gambia again for our holiday, we decided to bring school supplies.

On the spot we distributed to all 70 children a cake, ranja, 2 notebooks, a bag with pencils, a pen, eraser, pencil sharpener, a giant balloon and some sweets.
For the school something that never happened before in their 3 year existence.
It was a big party.

The teacher has spontaneously decided to name the school after us.

As soon as there is paint, the wall of the school “Ben and Rosa Nursery school” will be placed with the Dutch and Gambian flag.

When we were on the spot we could of course see for ourselves in what deplorable circumstances the children are being taught.
In the Netherlands the pigs are even better in the barn and that is still softly expressed.

The roof really could no longer …
The situation with the roof really could not be longer, the pole in the middle gave no support, the corrugated sheets had holes and the woodwork had been eaten by the termites. This is because there is no concrete floor in the classroom.
If someone from the class would walk against the pile, we could have fallen victims, the wave plates there are as thin as razor blades. We then immediately decided to buy the materials for a new roof on the spot. The moment the message is posted, the roof has been replaced.

However, only a new roof is not enough
Only with some teaching material and a new roof on the classroom, the school is far from being helped.
For example, there is no concrete floor in the classroom, as a result the termites will again have free play and will eat the wood of the new roof.
Water must come out of a well later in the village and this is not going to get in with 70 toilets.
Electricity is not there either and it would be ideal if one also has it.
The building with 2 squat toilets is also about to collapse, it stinks horribly.

There is no decent school furniture either, a few rickety chairs and that’s about it.
A computer or tablet would also be ideal for teaching lessons.
In order to realize the above, the budgeted costs are a small 12,500 euros.

Together we can do more …
Unfortunately, we can not only take this amount for our account, so if we put our shoulders together, the poorest children of Gambia will be very grateful to you.

TELEPHONE 06 105 412 34

MAIL benkremer57@gmail.com