More about us



More about us
We are Ben and Rosa Kremer and all two start 60.

We have 2 children a daughter and a son.
Our daughter has a boy and girl as twins and another girl.
Our hobby is traveling, we go on vacation twice a year.
We try to make a long trip once every 2 years.
We also try to involve our children and grandchildren.
So we took the grandchildren on a long journey.
This seemed like a great gift from Grandpa and Grandma, a journey never to be forgotten.
The twins participated for a tour through Sri Lanka.
And we took the youngest girl to Malaysia and Borneo.
For us and the grandchildren, these were highlights never to be forgotten.
Furthermore, we have seen many countries such as India, Nepal, Java, Bali, Thailand, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Borneo, Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Gambia and almost all countries in Europe. .

About Ben
Ben was born in Groningen city.
Has done Timmerman on the LTS as a training.
When I left school, I started working at Hooghoudt, first behind the assembly line and later as a band master. Here I also gained experience as a forklift driver.
I worked there for 8 years and then resigned to start a Café in Zoutkamp for ourselves. Because this did not work, we stopped after a year.
Because I have a back deviation, I was able to get to work at the Social Employment Service.
I have been working there since 1984, I am currently a quality inspector.

About Rosa
Rosa was also born in Groningen city.
Has been in the domestic school.
Then I had several jobs.
Then I came to work at Thuiszorg and my heart lay there.
I started with the training and then the nursing training.
I had to stop after an accident at work, unfortunately.
Fortunately, I already have a lot. A nice job for 15 years.

Traveling about our hobby
On many holidays we often do something for the less fortunate among us.
We have brought boxes of Lego and pens in India and handed out some of them here and there.
With our grandchildren in Sri Lanka we visited an orphanage for disabled people and donated money there. We also often visit a small clinic or hospital and bring Paracetamol, blood pressure monitors, plasters etc.
If you can see with your own eyes how happy people are with it, your heart will open.

About Gambia
Gambia is one of the poorest countries in Africa.
When we first went to Gambia, about 5 years ago, we found a guide on the internet. His name was Saikou.
He has shown us a lot in Gambia and, if he goes along, only asks 5 euros per person for his work as a guide.
When we could see with our own eyes how people there live outside the tourist area, we were hit by Gambia.
Normally we never go to a destination for a second time but Gambia was different.
The following year we went out with Saikou again and with Biram from then on our regular taxi driver.
Saikou did not see it at any time. The tourists go on an excursion with the large organizations, he did not have work and the children had to leave school because there was no school fees.
Children who learn nothing in Gambia often end up in prostitution and because we had a bit of a relationship with Saikou we decided to help him.
We sent him 2 banana boxes with food every 2 months.
We went with him to the school where his children were taught, here we paid school fees for the whole year. We also ensured that Saikou got power in his house.
We have done this for 3 years until Saikou said last year that his wife had a dream.
We asked what that was and he said his wife would be happy to sell ice cream and lemonade.
They have to invest 15 euros a day to buy the things that are needed for that, and could also earn 15 euros per day with that investment.
In Gambia a fortune if you consider that Saikou used to work for a day in the construction industry to get stones and make cement, for this he got 2 euro in one day.
Once again Rosa and I decided to buy him a new freezer.
Sales are going well and our help is no longer necessary for Saikou and his family.

Our Project
Now that we have stopped helping Saikou, we still wanted to continue doing something for Gambia. Biram we still regularly send a box of foodstuffs, but that’s what it is.
The boxes are sent via the Goods for Gambia Foundation in Hoogeveen.
We asked them if they had a project that we could do something for.
They had received a help request from a school in Sambuyang.
So here we went in the spring, it is far outside the tourist area near Gunjur. It is a farming village and can only be reached via a sandy road.
The teacher lives on gifts and gifts from the farming village, the parents of the children can not pay school fees. The school is in a miserable condition.
In the beginning the children were a bit scared and shy most of them had never seen anyone with a fair skin.
But after the distribution of Ranja, cookies and bags with school stuff, the ice was broken.
Everyone the parents had to sit with us feels white skin just like a black one?
Back at the hotel we only really had to deal with the children there.
No support for the rickety roof because the lower part of the support post was missing. Stinky toilet, no water, no electricity, no decent floor in the classroom, no school stuff, no furniture and you name it, everything is nothing.
We saw it all for us when someone is walking against the pole and the roof is coming down, then there can be wounded and in the worst case people can be killed. The wave plates there are really just razor blades. Photos on the site show that people walk with it, and that is not one plate but a stack of 20 pieces.
The next day we called Mr. Daffeh the teacher with the question if he could inform what it would cost to replace the roof. He did not know what he heard and said “is this a dream?” We said no question but what it costs and then we will see what we can do.
The same day he called back the whole roof could be ready for 450 euros.
We immediately called Biram and asked how we could best handle this.
Biram told us we pick up all the materials ourselves and submit it to the school.
We give Mr. Daffeh the salary and he gives 25% at the start of the work to the people who replace the roof. When everything is ready they get the rest.
The new roof became a fact!

All this was the first step.
Now we want to try with the help of everyone who cares about these children to get a number of essential issues through Crowd Funding.

Our goals
Concrete floors in and around the school.
New toilet block.
Current d.m. solar panels in the school
A well.
School furniture
Lesson books

TELEPHONE 06 105 412 34